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Since moving to Melbourne from Nashville in 2006, I have been
teaching steadily. With roughly 25-30 students ranging from
age 6 to 80, my focus is on having music be a part of people's lives.
While I have taught many to read music, there are those
who also simply wish to learn songs which involves mostly
learning chords, strums and the use of capos.
Students are also encouraged to sing while playing and try to
learn how to pick up the chords to songs by ear on their own.

Most of my students are one-on-one but in some cases,
a parent and child enjoy learning together!

Twice a year we have a little get together/ pickin' party and
everyone plays the music they've been working on.
The differences of styles and abilities is highlighted and
everyone learns a little about performing. Sometimes students
will play something together.

That said, there are those who are not interested in
the performance part and they are welcome to come and just listen.

I am located in Newport and teach mostly from my home or,
in the case of some younger students at their house.

Though I teach mostly guitar, I also teach bass, banjo, ukulele and piano.

I'm happy to give you names and numbers of present and/or past
students and/or parents should you need references.

Rates at my home are as follows:

Half hour = $30

Full hour = $50*

* add $5 to travel to you.

2 Students - Half hour $50


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