About Me

My Past

My first memories of music are my parents playing quartets once a month on Tuesday nights. My Dad played  'cello and my Mom was a Juilliard trained concert violinist. Just hearing her practice was unreal and almost spooky to me. Her clarity and precision I remember like it was yesterday. Other music memories were a) hearing Hey Jude for the first time, riding in the back of a VW bug in the summer of '68, b) watching my older brother as he placed the needle on the single of Lady Madonna on the turntable and hearing that intro that sounded nothing like anything I'd heard before, c) listening to Jimi Hendrix in my brother's room, dark and with black lights lighting up swirling posters on the wall and feeling not just a little scared (I would have been under 10).
So it was Beatles, Stones and psychedelia 'til I was a teenager at which point my cousin (10 years my senior) had a full on country/western swing band called the Cobble Mountain Band. In the summertime I would somehow manage to sneak in to see them play in bars in Western Massachusetts. They turned me on to Asleep at the Wheel, Merle Haggard and EmmyLou Harris and possibly under-age drinking.
I finished High School in England and stayed for another two years playing with the band we'd formed in High School and then played with an Irish Country and Western Band, playing Wack Fall the Daddyo and Little Ole Wine Drinker Me.
I came back to the States and went to Berklee College of Music in Boston for 2 years, played folk music in Taos, New Mexico for 9 months, came back to Boston, drove a truck and played in country bands around New England for about 10 years and then moved to Nashville after winning a national country music contest with a band called Angel Train.
My first gig 'out of' Nashville was with a band that included David Ball and Vassar Clements. New Year's Eve, 1990 in Cincinnati.
My last gigs were with Pure Prairie League, Over the Rhine, Buddy Miller, Radney Foster, Allison Moorer and Fugitive Glue (Check out a video I just threw together of a song I wrote and recorded with them).
In between, I played in many countries, almost every State in the US and played on many, many CDs and demos.
My last recording session in Nashville was guitar overdubs on a Sam Baker CD.

My Present

I am currently living in Newport Australia, outside Melbourne and teaching guitar, banjo, bass and ukulele, still doing occasional recording sessions here and with my Nashville friends via Skype and and Pro Tools. Live gigs are mostly with my wife Sherry Rich,  The Mudcakes (with Susan Shaw). And since moving here to Australia, Rosie Flores, Bobby Keys, The Audreys, The Handsome Bastards (with Shane O'Mara, Dan Lethbridge and Ralf Rehak) and Tanya Lee Davies Currently loving playing and writing instrumentals for and with my trio, The Funky Miracle


Working on Sherry Rich's new songs and towards recording with The Funky Miracle.